Conveniently perform all your daily tasks on an intuitive and a sensible platform while having remote access to your data, all the time.

Intelligence-Based Decisions

Informed decisions can be taken when two main enablers are present. A good understanding of the problem and having suffice related information available. Facilitating this is the responsibility of the Information System.

There are multiple key system qualities that contribute to generating data that is timely and informative. Amongst which is the extent to which the daily standard operating procedures are digitized. This is achieved via increasing automation to minimize human error and collect most, if not all, data to have it available on the system when needed. A solid reporting and viewing engine in place that can smartly present relevant data and correlating dashboards is also a vital requirement. In addition, an intuitive backend algorithm that streamlines the flow of information and a friendly front user interface that supports easy access to data are the backbone of this objective.

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Health, Healthcare, and nixpend

People’s health is increasingly becoming a priority in today’s world and as so, the terms health and healthcare are more interchangeably used as they become increasingly interrelated.

Personal health in its broader definition by the WHO is the complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing of individuals and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. In other words, it is for individuals to have the ability to go on with their lives actively with minimal interruption or need for treatment. The contribution of one’s personal health as a notion is best explained in the concept of healthcare continuum where the quantity and quality of healthcare needed is a product of how well an individual, and consequently a society, performs in terms of healthy living and wellbeing. Hence, the involvement and empowerment of people via engagement and education that allows shared governance of one’s health to take place is essential for the future of healthcare.

Our Solutions

Nixpend offers end to end information management solutions to organizations operating in the health continuum. Be it healthcare providing organizations or providers who are supporting, and are part of, the supply chain of health and wellbeing.

Healthcare Management System

The optimal Healthcare Management System helps healthcare providing organizations: Contain Cost, Increase Control, Establish Collaboration, Engage Patients.

nixpend Corporate Solutions

provides solutions to businesses and providers operating in the healthcare value chain. Be it health and wellbeing centers, pharmaceutical and equipment providers.

I recommend you take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.
— Lord Chesterfield

Thou time is typically measured by quantity, the hour, day, week, or any other time unit. In our day to day lives however, it is often quantified by how it was used, what tasks we completed and what results we achieved.

in a healthcare setup, standard workloads and workload components are more measurable, yet time is less available and more valuable. A straightforward example is a life-or-death situation where seconds set apart outcomes. But also, collectively that is, the time needed to make every decision count and has a direct impact on outcome in terms of both quantity and quality of care.

At nixpend, we believe an optimal healthcare delivery process is achieved by enabling the caregiver to take intelligence-based decisions in the least amount of time possible. To do so, nixpend uses reverse engineering in designing its clinical pathways and non-clinical workflows with a target of yielding zero defect processes that minimizes pending time. Our expertise in data analytics, clinical workflows, healthcare environment design in addition to other areas will support providers in improving patient outcomes, deliver better value, expand access to care, and ultimately create the future of healthcare at your organization. The result is an Information System that is incredibly intuitive, functional, and sensible.

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