The optimal Healthcare Management System helps healthcare providing organizations:
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Contain Cost

Resources Management

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Increase Control

Practice Management

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Establish Collaboration

Health Information Management

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Engage Patients

Patient Engagement

Resources Management

The Resources Management System is at the base of the Healthcare Management System with the objective of optimizing the usage of the entity’s resources of assets, financials, inventory, or human resources. Optimal management of resources at a healthcare providing organization is essential to allow the organization to focus on what it is intended to accomplish and that is the highest quality of care possible at the lowest cost possible. A Resources Management System that can achieve this objective is one that utilizes best practice administrative workflows that are customized to a healthcare organization, workflows that are comprehensive yet highly automated and require minimum human intervention.

Stock and Inventory




Assets Management

Human Resources

Practice Management

The role of a Practice Management System “PMS” is to coordinate the delivery of healthcare services. To do so effectively, the flow of information must be seamless. This means the entry of information on day-to-day tasks for healthcare facilitators to be convenient, the viewing of information to be accessible at all times, and the display of information to be meaningful. Once this is achieved, it is the responsibility of the Practice Management System to support healthcare facilitators in making decisions via decision support systems and algorithms that provide recommendations when performing adminstrative tasks whether it’s the scheduling or planning of patient treatments, the invoicing of services, automation of revenue sharing for caregivers and physicians, inventory management, or other daily tasks.

Registration and Scheduling

Dashboard and Reporting


Billing and Insurance Management

Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT)

Practitioner Management

Health Information Management

Delivery of healthcare services is unique. Unlike other services, communication is key to healthcare services as they are highly interrelated, are interconnected on a departmental level, are timely, and are uninterrupted by nature. Therefore, the extent to which different departments and different caregivers can collaborate is directly related to the quality of care. From the moment a patient walks into the outpatient department or admitted to the healthcare facility, the post encounter process of documentation and communication, to the order entry and tracking of auxiliary services and other support functions.

Documentation Wizard

Encounter Management

Clinical Pathways

Pharmacy Information System

Radiology Information System

Laboratory Information System

Patient Engagement

Not only is engaging patients in their healthcare becoming a demand, but also becoming a key determinant to the quality of healthcare provided. Keeping patients informed regarding their healthcare status, whether the past encounters or upcoming treatment journies, provides a sense of control, increases level of engagement and buy-in, which consequently results in better outcomes. 

There are many means of patient engagement tools that are necessary to accomplish the aspired level of collaboration. Amongst which is a patient app that facilitates most communication gaps.

Smart Screen

Email Notification


Mobile Application

SMS Notification

IVR Integration

Accreditation and Compliance

Nixpend solution is compliant with the requirements and mandates of major local and international regulatory bodies


All security and confidentiality standards from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act implemented in Nixpend solutions.


Nixpend Applies all new standards of the “Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 7th edition” any organization implements nixpend solution will be ready from the patient information side and medical content.


All approved medications and drugs from SFDA available in Nixpend DB.


Nixpend is a ready to make healthcare organizations ready to achieve HIMSS level 7.


Nixpend Applies all new standards of the “Ambulatory Health Care Standards_2020” in the system, and any organization implements nixpend solution will be ready from the patient information side and medical content.


The primary purpose of SNOMED CT is to encode the meanings that are used in health information and to support the effective clinical recording of data with the aim of improving patient care.