Nixpend corporate provides solutions to businesses and providers operating in the healthcare value chain. Be it health and wellbeing centers, pharmaceutical and equipment providers, or healthcare auxiliary service providers such as laboratories and radiology centers.

At core, an Enterprise Resource Planning “ERP” is a Centralized Governance System “CGS” as it aims at achieving the following key objectives:

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Controlling Operational Costs

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Establishing organizational governance

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Ensuring compliance to policies and procedures

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Engaging users and clients

The merits that a business gains once achieving the above are significant. Not only on a profit and loss level but also in terms of quality of service that directly impacts brand value. This is a significant executive task as establishing governance and control is establishing quality control and quality assurance on an operational level, it is a process that involves the enablement of system and people to work together efficiently throughout a qualified change management process.

Nixpend believes a Centralized Governance System that achieves organizational control and governance is a system that was built after a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s business model which includes understanding the organization’s vision and mission, the policies and procedures, and the capturing of operational workflows for difference departments at different authority levels. This is followed by a business analysis that is results oriented before the redesigning and optimizing of workflows phase. Only then is a system guaranteed to yield the aspired outcomes and act as an enabler to business excellence.

Quality in, Quality out…

Get acquainted with nixpend’s implementation approach:

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Nixpend will develop a Project Charter and Project plan to ensure that the agreed Client needs of the Services are covered and planned to be done during specific project activities.
During this Phase, our approach will be as follows:

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The objective of this phase is to analyze the current situation and determine the current state workflows and competency level. This phase aims to identify the improvements plans that will be the main road map for the Design phase.
Clients Responsibilities:



This phase will focus on designing the future state workflows and processes for Client. Nixpend will design the future state work follow and discuss it with Client, and do design the new data to be built in the system.

Clients Responsibilities:

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Build will focus on configuring and optimizing the nixpend system and Client’s App. nixpend will customize and develop Client System based on the Design approval.



This will enable Client Staff to transform to the new workflows and train them on the system. Enable is divided to three main parts:

Below are the Client Responsibilities during ‘Enable’:

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During Change, nixpend will provide a qualified operation team member to monitor the transformation of the project as well as manage support and the administrative staff and technical through using nixpend solutions.

Below are the Client Responsibilities during ‘Change’:

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At this phase nixpend team will provide answering Client operational team’s queries, resolving any operational process issues, monitoring the designed process’s performance and facilitating knowledge transfer, and all of this phase will be done through remotely support.

Transformation DNA

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The decision-making process by which leaders achieve the organization’s shared strategic vision by providing guidance to others, direct oversight, or primary execution of plans.

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Benefits Realization

Positive outcomes (benefits) resulting from interactions within a health care organization that optimize the use of enabled technology and clinical transformation strategies.

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Process Reengineering

Strategic initiative to improve the quality, cost, and safety of patient care by redesigning less efficient manual processes and supporting them with new technologies.

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Clinician Adoption

Clinicians are proactively and thoughtfully included in the planning, decision making, and customization of clinical systems to enhance clinical use and efficiency.

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Change Management

A guideline for proactively managing the impact of change on organizations and individuals by minimizing disruptions to the business, accelerating implementation, and optimizing performance levels.

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Technology Implementation

Implementation encompasses all the processes involved in getting new software or hardware operating properly in its environment, including installation, configuration, and running, testing, and making necessary changes.