Intuitive GUI

In today’s healthcare settings, care givers are becoming more mobile, more time restraint, and have greater key areas of responsibility. This has made the need for an intuitive GUI “Graphical User Interface” a necessity to accommodate highly disruptive situations, the cognitive overload, and the increasing human resource turnover rates. nixpend adheres to ISO design standards of (a) Identify Need for Human Centered Design, (b) Specify Context to use, (c) Specify Requirements, (d) Produce Design Solutions, and (e) Evaluate Designs to ensure a GUI that is highly Learnable, Memorable and Efficient.

a security

Data Ownership & Security

in Nixpend Healthcare Information System, Data is sacred. Nixpend applies the highest standards in Data security and ensures the same is followed by monitoring and correspondingly reporting unusual activities. The Data is owned by nixpend Clients, it is accessible and easily downloaded for back-up purposes by the Client. The system is also enabled with an automated download capability to other storage facilities on pre-set frequencies and as required.


Solid Bilingual Capability

Nixpend is the first bilingual; English & Arabic, HIS and Patient Mobile App solution on the cloud with a proven track record of successful installations. In nixpend, the Arabic language is not only an interface but rather a capability embedded within the nixpend programming allowing for the automation of reporting and viewing. The convenience of switching between the languages is unparalleled which significantly enhances user experience for both caregivers and patients alike.

scale up

Scalability & Configurability

Putting in mind the Clients’ potential to expand and grow; by which more functionality and workflows are to be fulfilled, Nixpend designed its solution to be the Client’s partner for today and the future. The design of the core system was built so configurable and scalable that it accommodates a very rich range of settings on both the system’s core capability represented in workflows and central requirements, and on the front-end level such as viewing, reporting, and billing requirements.


Consultancy Based Approach

Nixpend very well acknowledges the challenges faced upon an HIS installation project and correspondingly the global success rates. Hence, Nixpend expertise in digital transformation, data analytics, clinical workflows, and healthcare environment design is applied in all its engagements to ensure workable and applicable workflows are employed. Nixpend warrants and only accepts successful deliveries.

family roof

Single-Platform System

nixpend is a single platform system where all modules and functions are coded on one platform and under one roof. This facilitates a seamless access to various modules using a single interface, has no integration nor API requirements, and paves the way for a significantly easier fulfillment of all future connectivity requirements, workflow change orders, and upgrades.



Since human errors are a natural human behavior, Nixpend has prioritized Automation and Information System enablement as the main counteract to minimize errors. As six sigma experts, Nixpend’s Research and Development has an ongoing KPI to improve until zero defect processes are yielded. Automation is apriority to Nixpend as it acknowledges the potential of human resource reduction and consequently the positive impact made on the organization’s financial bottom line.


Top Notch System Backend

nixpend uses top of the line programming, coding languages, and platforms for its Healthcare Information System solution. nixpend uses python and IONIC for its front-end programming, and MariaDB for its Data Base.